Hello, my name is Jason Perry and this website is about Our Boat. It is not a website about My Boat…or Your Boat…or Their Boat…it is a website about Our Boat. I encourage you to explore this website but more importantly I encourage you to explore your local environment and the world in general.

Our Boat might just be the boat to help you do so.

By way of introduction I am happy to be known as a citizen scientist, an engineer, a maker of things and a farmer’s son. I love boats and I love being in, on or near the ocean. More importantly I am also the father of two daughters with curious minds.

If this introduction sounds familiar then you have probably already seen the introduction on my other website seeUnderSea.

I have kept this website separate because I realise that some people just want to hire a boat.

So with this in mind, let me know if you would like to borrow Our Boat for your next boating adventure…