Facilitated Tours and Expeditions

Would you like to go in search of sunken treasures…secluded beaches…or tasty tasty fishes.

Perhaps you are looking to get from point A to B to C in a hurry or to just go around in circles without running aground or into trouble. If you already have your hands full with the kids (or the adults) then how about a facilitated tour to help relieve some of the stresses felt by a single handed sailor.

Depending on your requirements, I can help facilitate half day tours for busy people, full day tours for a good look around and weekend tours (or long weekends) for a chance enjoy the best that Moreton Bay has to offer (camping overnight or staying at one of the island resorts along the way).

As part of the hire package, I can:

  • help you pick a destination including some interesting locations along the way,
  • help you stay informed of the weather, tides and notices to mariners in the lead up to the big day,
  • help you load, unload and take care of all your equipment, and
  • for an additional hourly charge, come along for the ride (as a guide) or engage the services of a qualified skipper to operate Our Boat on your behalf.

Ohh, and what goes on tour stays on tour…your complete privacy and confidentiality is assured.

For the children:

As a father myself, I know how important your children are…and how sometimes they get bored.

Our Boat provides plenty of opportunities for children to experience an out-doors lifestyle and I hope your children enjoy the experience. If not, there are plenty of USB chargers on board to help keep the technology going if needed. I am also trying to get an on-board movie server going…with a mix of educational and popular marine based classics…just in case the internet drops out.

I hold a positive notice blue card and I have developed and follow a strict child and youth risk management strategy to help ensure Our Boat and the destinations you choose to visit are safe places for children.

And for everyone:

Warning – check the fine print – never work with children, animals…or the environment!

Conditions change, unexpected events happen, things go wrong, electronics and salt water are never good friends, some expeditions involve hard work and we might just get wet. O’ God thy sea is so great and my boat is so small.

We only operate when conditions are safe because we love what we do but we also love coming home. This sometimes mean we have to change plans or run away bravely.