Boat Hire

Boat hire packages include full use of Our Boat and all of her equipment by the nominated skipper for the agreed purpose and for the agreed period of time.

Our Boat will be delivered to the nominated skipper clean, in good working order and equipped with all safety equipment (and other items if requested) to help meet their general safety obligations. Based on their level of competence and experience, the nominated skipper will be provided with a tailored briefing and instructions on how to operate her safely in all the conditions they are likely to encounter.

Hire charges are based on everything going well including Our Boat performing as expected without significant faults and being returned with all of her equipment without loss or damage at the end of the hire period.

Unless otherwise agreed, the cost of fuel is an additional charge and this will be calculated separately at the end of the hire period. The additional charge will be based on the actual fuel used (as recorded by the engine management system) and charged at cost price.