About Our Boat

Our Boat is a custom designed 12-person day boat with the open deck space of a pontoon boat but with some additional style and features of a cruiser.

She is normally engaged in citizen science related activities on Moreton Bay (Brisbane, Australia) however she can also be made available for recreational and commercial hire anywhere between Caloundra to the north and the Gold Coast to the south.

Her ease of operation, her open design and her shallow draught allow her to operate in areas not normally accessible to traditional vessels. She is particularly well suited to general boating activities in support of research, survey and light commercial work. She is also ideally suited to private day trips, fishing and as a mother ship for smaller boats and personal watercraft.

With a design speed of just 10kts, she is not intended for high speed operations however she can dash to 14kts and up to 20kts in favorable conditions when in light ship configuration. Her 150hp four stroke engine provides more than enough power to operate safely and efficiently at low speeds even when fully loaded. Her integrated 400ltr fuel tank allows her to cruise around at 6 to 10kts for up to 24hours and dash for up to 8hours at her maximum speed.

Although she is not configured for overnight accommodation, she is also capable of undertaking overnight operations and is ideally suited for smooth water fishing and support to shore based activities such as camping and field deployments.

It should also go without saying, but she is fitted with all mandatory safety equipment and she is covered by certificates of survey and operation for recreational/leisure use (4D) and commercial operation (2D) with up to 12 passengers and two crew.

Boat Hire

Boat hire packages include full use of Our Boat and all of her equipment by the nominated skipper for the agreed purpose and for the agreed period of time.

Our Boat will be delivered to the nominated skipper clean, in good working order and equipped with all safety equipment (and other items if requested) to help meet their general safety obligations. Based on their level of competence and experience, the nominated skipper will be provided with a tailored briefing and instructions on how to operate her safely in all the conditions they are likely to encounter.

Hire charges are based on everything going well including Our Boat performing as expected without significant faults and being returned with all of her equipment without loss or damage at the end of the hire period.

Unless otherwise agreed, the cost of fuel is an additional charge and this will be calculated separately at the end of the hire period. The additional charge will be based on the actual fuel used (as recorded by the engine management system) and charged at cost price.

Operator qualifications, briefings and instructions

To make sure everything goes well, Our Boat must be operated by a competent skipper in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations including her safety management system.

For most low risk activities such as day trips in protected waterways, the nominated skipper does not need to have a boat licence to operate Our Boat.

The nominated skipper just needs to be in good health, be more than 18 years of age and be able to demonstrate their competence.

The nominated skipper is only required to have a boat licence (such as a recreational marine craft licence or equivalent with relevant additional experience) if they are intending on operating Our Boat for complex or high risk activities.

The nominated skipper is also required to hold a Coxswain Grade 2 (minimum) if they are intending to use Our Boat for commercial purposes (Coxswain Grade 1 (minimum) when carrying passengers).

Before departure, the nominated skipper will be provided with a safety briefing and specific instructions on how to operate Our Boat in the expected conditions and also in the event of an emergency. These instructions will be tailored to suit the skipper’s level of competence and experience and they will include practical demonstrations.

If required, the nominated skipper is then responsible for providing a similar pre-departure briefing to anyone not present for the initial briefing. Copies of the safety management system, briefing checklists, operating instructions and emergency procedures are kept on board to assist the nominated skipper in operating Our Boat for the duration of the hire period.


For more information including general requests and enquiries, please send an email to jason@boatingtrips.com.au

  • You can normally expect a reply within 24 to 48 hours.

For urgent enquiries, please call me (Jason) directly on 0410 691 665.

  • Leave a message and/or send an SMS if I am unable to answer your call.
  • I am normally able to respond within a couple of hours (most days).